What’s possible when you consistently show up to work as your best self?

In the 1-on-1 Breakthrough Engineering Leadership coaching program, we’ll work together to bring those possibilities to life. Coaching focuses on exploring powerful questions that bring you toward the version of yourself that you want to become.

  • What do you dream of doing? We’ll build clarity around what you want and how to get you to your biggest goals.

  • What limiting beliefs and stories do you tell yourself? We’ll confront them together and find new perspectives that let you step into the next level of your leadership.

  • What are the highest-leverage activities that support the impact you want to create? We’ll dive deep into what’s most important for your goals, and we’ll create space for them by figuring what you need to let go and say no to.

  • What lets you access and call upon your best self? We’ll build structures into your day so that you feel good about how you show up – particularly when there’s something important at stake.

Ready to grow into the leader you’re longing to be? Explore what’s possible for you. Send questions to coaching@effectiveengineer.com.

"I've never had a coaching session that good. I feel much more empowered and am amazed that just 30 minutes could have that much impact. Turns out I mostly had the answers all along, and that by asking better questions we were able to find the answers I needed.

Edmond coaches by empowering you. He helps you find the tools you need and may already have in order to make the best impact. I had an important issue, and I'm fairly confident we solved it and this would have been very powerful all on its own. Adapting the way Edmond analyzes a problem will prove to be even more valuable. I already perform at a high level and wondered if this coaching would be at that high level. It was, and I am impressed."

— Michal Palczewski, Engineering Leader at Google

What’s possible when you lead with the most powerful perspectives, strategies, and tools shared by top industry leaders?

Your time is your most limited and critical resource. And as a leader, how you spend your time is particularly critical because it directly affects the output of your entire team. So why work with me?

I bring to my coaching over a decade of experience building and leading high-functioning teams in Silicon Valley – across Google, Ooyala (acquired by Telstra), Quora, and now Quip (acquired by Salesforce). I’ve taught workshops and seminars to hundreds of engineers and leaders at Google, Facebook, Pinterest, MIT, Stanford, and more.

And as part of writing my book, The Effective Engineer, I spent nearly two years interviewing engineering VPs, directors, managers, and other leaders at top software companies: established, household names like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; rapidly growing mid-sized companies like Dropbox, Square, Box, Airbnb, and Etsy; and startups like Reddit, Stripe, Instagram, and Lyft.

With me as your coach, you’ll also get an advisor who will share openly any stories, experiences, mistakes, and patterns from my own career and engineering leaders I’ve worked with or know. And you get an ally who’s fully invested in your success and who champions for your growth.

Who do you need to be, to make the difference in the world that you’re longing for?

Let’s find out together. Say hi at coaching@effectiveengineer.com.

"I hope more people embrace Edmond's philosophy and techniques to make their companies and careers more successful."
— Bret Taylor, CEO of Quip and Former CTO of Facebook
"You[‘ve] helped me coach my engineers, who are always asking about how to become great engineers. I can begin coaching at a higher level. The concept of "leverage" anchors those discussions."
— Eric Sowa, VP of Engineering at Salesforce
"Edmond provided a great framework for our engineers to dramatically improve their learning and the value of their activities. Attending Edmond's seminar was the highest-leverage activity I've performed in a while."
— Chris Cholette, Director of Engineering at Sunrun